Successful Businesses On Instagram – What They Do Right
Published on January 20, 2014

The rules for success in the Instagram community as with any social network platform are very simple. Audience engagement, providing relevant and valuable content, and positive contributions to the community are the very basics.

Successful businesses on Instagram do just those things while maximizing every aspect of them to set themselves apart, connect with a targeted audience, and build a large follower base. Here are some of the tools employed by successful businesses on Instagram:

  • Run video and/or photo competitions: This increases engagement, interest in the brand, as well as follower base. Top brands like Sony, Dunkin’ Donuts, and others use competitions to enhance their Instagram success.
  • Use Instagram profiles: This incorporates devices other than mobile thus reaching a wider audience. These can be maximized by adding a call to action to the pictures. Without a doubt, all the top brands are utilizing this tool to its fullest.
  • Offer discounts or promo codes: By doing this, not only will you engage a much larger audience but you will also increase your target market. Walgreens is one of the many successful companies that offer discounts to their followers on Instagram.
  • Put the spotlight on your customers: Spotlighting your customers in the different ways they interact with your brand is powerful advertising. Virgin America and its CEO Richard Branson use this method to achieve great Instagram success.
  • Use hashtags: These can also be added to your events so that attendees can easily follow and share on Instagram. No successful brand is lacking hashtags.