Stand Out As A Business With Instagram
Published on January 12, 2014

As your follower base increases and your business is gaining traction as far as recognition goes; enhance this by utilizing creative ways to make your business stand out. However, even if your business is brand new to the Instagram community you can still start out strong and continue on that momentum. Here are a few ways you can stand out as a business with Instagram:

  • Showcase your events: This is not only effective in drawing an audience but with a little strategy your brand could be recognized for and associated with certain things of interest. Also, attendees can use designated hashtags to follow and share your events on Instagram. Another important thing to consider is adding Instagram on every piece of marketing material. Maximize every opportunity to reach an audience.
  •  Utilize promo codes: These can be used as rewards for followers of your brand. Promo codes will help to ensure that you have a steady stream of users interacting with your brand. Everyone likes a good bargain so frequently provide valuable promo codes and they will keep coming back for more.
  • Turn your customers into stars: By featuring your customers having relevant associations with your brand, you will be creating a comprehensive picture for the world to see and experience. This type of customer highlight gives way to brand credibility that is priceless. It also helps to personalize your brand as well as maintain consistent user interest and interaction as long as customer highlight is a regular feature.