How Businesses Use Competitions On Instagram As Advertisement
Published on December 8, 2014

Competitions or contests used as Instagram advertising tools can be leveraged in ways that are only limited by the depth of the imagination. As far as competitions go, Instagram provides a unique opportunity for brands to steer an audience in their marketing direction. Competitions can take the form of video contests or photo contests.

The primary thing to note when using competitions as advertisements is to ensure that you are requesting that participants first become followers. In doing so, the competition will also be fulfilling the role of increasing your follower base. A sizeable follower base is important to a brand’s credibility as well as authority. Other things to consider when using competitions on Instagram as advertisements are:

  • Budget: This is important in helping you determine the extent of the competition as well as the type of competition that you would be able to promote. Stick with simple options that ensure that the competition is easy to enter.
  • Using hashtags: Include the name of your brand in your hashtag.  Leverage this by requesting that users register. In so doing, you will be adding even more names to your mailing list.
  • Crowd-sourcing or crowd-shooting: Ask users to submit pictures, in real-time; that are specific to a topic or theme that you put forward. Ensure that the hashtag for the project has the name of your brand. This will help to imprint your brand on images and keep it circulating for as long as the pictures are shared. Also, it should be very easy for users to share their pictures.